Joe Torres – Buyer Specialist (Agent)


Joe Torres – Buyer Specialist (Agent)

Joe Torres is a Bay Area native who hails from Hayward CA. Growing up in the East Bay had its advantages. One of those advantages was a diverse community. This exposure was the backdrop in which an appreciation of different people, food, and cultures was nourished at a young age. Being an athlete, coupled with musical background, rounded out Joe’s early life. A stint on the east coast in NYC and DC reinforced that the Bay Area was and always will be his home.

Joe’s early exposure to music was the catalyst for starting his first business as mobile Dj in 1995. That experience helped mold his keen business savvy and nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit. Holding positions in Sales to Logistics, Service to Management, Joe has had vast experience working with people on many levels.  As a Buyers Specialist he is ready to ease the process and give you the best buying experience possible.

Cell: 510-561-4451

DRE# 02127937 (Real Estate Agent)

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